What Does ‘Best Interests of the Child’ Mean?

If you are going through divorce proceedings with children involved, at some point you will hear the phrase “in the best interests of the child.” This legal term has a particular meaning in the state of Michigan. The Law Firm of Victoria understands that what the court eventually decides and your feelings about what is best for your child at times may seem at odds with each other. Our child custody lawyers in Oakland, Michigan are experienced in presenting the facts so that the court gets all the information it needs to make wise decisions on your child’s behalf.

Issues Shaping the Court’s Decision

Michigan state law charges the court to serve your child’s welfare. In divorce cases, placating both parents while satisfying this duty to the child can prove quite challenging. Many factors influence how the court makes decisions affecting your child, but some of the most significant considerations include:

  • Ability to Provide: The court determines if one parent is more financially able to supply the child with physical necessities like food, shelter, clothing and medical care.
  • Emotional Bond: Does one parent have a closer relationship with the child than the other? The court closely examines the personal relationship with the parents and child to determine what it thinks will be best for the child emotionally.
  • Cooperative Parenting: Whenever possible, the court will decide to place a child with the parent that shows the most potential in attempting to work out a joint parenting agreement.

The court has substantial leeway to scrutinize any other situations or variables that it determines is helpful or detrimental to the healthy upbringing of the child. Any incidences of domestic violence, the general stability of the households and the mental and physical fitness of the parents play an essential part in how the court ultimately decides.

We Are Ready To Help

The child custody attorneys at The Law Firm of Victoria are experienced in presenting the facts in a way that helps the court bring you a favorable decision. Like you, we put the wellbeing of your children first. Call us at (248) 723-1600 to set up a consultation today for only $85.


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